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Stripe Terminal

Overview of setting up Stripe Terminal support

To support Stripe Terminal, a one-time setup is required for the WordPress POS Settings, BizSwoop App and Stripe Dashboard. 

Step 1. Add Stripe Terminal Plugin to WordPress site

Download, Upload and Activate the Stripe Terminal bridge plugin

After activation. Navigate to POS > Settings > Gateways

Enable the Gateway option: POS Stripe Terminal

Step 2. Configure the BizSwoop app settings

Launch the BizSwoop App, Select upper right 3 circles for the Settings.

Under the App Server settings, input the following

For the Default POS Station, use Home URL will be the POS :


For a Custom Station, use the ID of the station, for example


API Server URL will be:


Step 3. Generate API Keys

The BizSwoop app will require the API Consumer Key and API Consumer Key to securely connect with your website for Stripe Terminal integration. 

API Consumer Key from WooCommerce.

API Consumer Secret from WooCommerce.

To Generate both keys, navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > REST API. Add Key

Description: Stripe Terminal

Permissions: Read/Write

Generate Key, Copy and Paste key into API Consumer Key and API Consumer Secret fields in the app settings.

Now the app is securely paired with your https://mywebsite.com/ website and WooCommerce.


Step 4: Configure Credit Card Gateway

First, enable the Credit Card Gateway on the app.

Next, select the Provider as Stripe Terminal.

For Connection Type, select the Stripe Terminal device.

Supported devices: BBPOS Chipper 2X BT, Stripe Reader (M2), BBPOS WisePad 3

Important: Verify the BizSwoop app has the following permissions from iOS and Android

Camera, Location, Microphone and Nearby Devices

Under the Connection Type menu, available devices will be shown to select.

Note: After the first time setting up the device, the device might perform an update. This is normal and expected during the first time setting up the device. In the future, device updates will automatically update as required by Stripe for firmware.

The final step for setting up the Credit Card Gateway is adding a Location ID.

The Location ID is generated in your Stripe Dashboard. Visit https://dashboard.stripe.com/terminal/locations

Click New. Input the address location where the Stripe Terminal reader will be primarily used.

Once the Location is saved. Stripe will generate a Location ID.


Locations > Add New

Copy ID and input into the Location ID field in the app.

Click Done, upper right corner.

The Credit Card Gateway is now set up and ready to start processing payments using Stripe Terminal.

Step 5. Process Transactions

Now, the BizSwoop app will show the Credit Card icon in the top bar and a status of the Credit Card gateway connection with Stripe Terminal for processing payments. 

Status Color Key

Red: Credit Card connection is not established for processing payments

Yellow: Credit Card connection is connecting to service

Green: Credit Card connection is secure and ready for processing payments

On checkout, now you will see the option POS Stripe Terminal.



Payment Tile: POS Stripe Terminal

Click the Payment Tile: POS Stripe Terminal

Select PAY.

The Credit Card device will beep and customer can Tap, Insert, or Swipe to process the Credit Card. 

Payment has now been process using Stripe Terminal.