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Whether you are a small, medium or large business deciding on the right POS solution is important to your business operation. Use the power of the Jovvie Cloud POS, or Self-Host the POS Plugin, we offer both to meet the needs of your business operation.

Which solution is right for me? πŸ€”

Jovvie Cloud POS provides a powerful modern software deployment method, ready-made for businesses of all sizes. With cloud, we do the heavy lifting by providing built-in platform security, compliance, quick uncomplicated set up, & stellar SLAs for reliable uptime performance. Cloud comes with the added benefit of continuous innovation so you will always have the latest and greatest features and functionality. Our cloud services are built on best-in-class cloud technologies, providing you with a scalable, secure and reliable experience wherever your business processes transactions.

Benefits of hosting in the Jovvie POS Cloud:

  • Customized POS domain URL naming to directly access stations
  • Your current website speed/server resources will not be used to operate the POS
  • No risk to other WordPress plugin conflicts impacting POS downtime or performance
  • Secure card processor approved HTTPS connection for all orders & payments
  • Real-time active sync between POS cloud and your WooCommerce store data
  • Get immediate access to our latest features with automatic upgrades
  • 99.5% uptime reliability of the POS Cloud service

Pre-requisites: WooCommerce 2.61+ above

Our Self-Hosted POS enables you the flexibility to deploy Jovvie on your current hosted WordPress infrastructure choice. It’s best for those who have specific or complex operating requirements or need a greater level of performance control than our Jovvie Cloud POS offers. You’ll have complete control over security and compliance, when you update software, and how you manage uptime and performance for your site. Hosting on your own infrastructure requires necessary internal resources and technical expertise to effectively implement and run Jovvie software yourself.

Benefits of Self-hosted POS Plugin:

  • Management and ownership of security access and protocols
  • Deployment management on update schedule and new feature releases
  • Vanity POS domain URL naming to directly access stations
  • Payment bridge with WooCommerce installed gateways available only on self-hosted plugin deployments
  • Standard WordPress plugin deployment

Pre-requisites: WooCommerce 2.61+ above

Hosting Recommendations:Β  PHP 7.2+, Nginx, MySQL 8.0, SSL Certificate, 4GB RAM, 2 Core

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