What Hardware do I need for Jovvie POS?

Great question. All you need is a Computer or a Tablet/Phone Device.

Can I use my own Tablet/Phone Device?

Yes. 100% FACT! Jovvie supports both Android and iOS. Download the app directly from the App Store, Google Play Store or Sunmi App Marketplace.

Can I use my own Computer?

Yes. 100% FACT! Jovvie supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebooks & Raspberry PI running any one of the modern browsers both desktop and mobile versions.







Do you sell Jovvie Hardware to use?

No. 100% FACT!

“I had a vision that business owners could free themselves from expensive hardware requirements. We build the POS software to enable you to use
any platform & any device. Bring your own device to Jovvie! New or used.”

 Cory Ferreria, Founder Jovvie from BizSwoop

“I already had all the Hardware needed to use Jovvie in my store.

Using our current Windows desktop in stores with Chrome browser
and my iPhone for on-the-go, we were placing orders in seconds!”