Payment Gateways

Overview of Point of Sale supported payment options for checkout with the POS


The original payment method. Supports 100+ currencies.

Stripe + Terminal

Accept credit card payments using our POS and Stripe integration with Stripe Terminal support. 

Pay by WC

Use any payment gateway plugin that is supported by WooCommerce. (Add-on)

Other Payments

Customize this option to meet your business needs.

Ingenico Smart Card

Enable Scanning, Swiping & Tapping via Ingenico external reader

Credit Card Payments

Select the right POS payment method for taking Credit Card Payments.


The POS supports over 100+ shop currencies to operate your business around the world. Cash payments are based upon the configured currency in WooCommerce. The cash amount tendered is tracked on the order details and reported for the POS order. 

Other Payments

The Other Payments option should be selected when the default payment methods are not appropriate. Other payments are commonly used for Checks, External Credit Card Reader Terminals, Chip and Pin Terminals, or Gift Cards or Other Payment Types. Map any external identifying numbers, IDs and verification codes manually in the provided field at checkout. Any number you input is added on the order details page in WooCommerce for accounting tracking. The name Other Payments, can be renamed to customize the title for your business.

For Example: When accepting Check Payments, the cashier will input a Check Number in the provided POS field. When using an External Terminal Card reader, a transaction ID will be provided by that standalone system. The Transaction ID can be added in the provided POS field, allowing the business to map the transactions to the WooCommerce order. The Other Payments method should be selected to accept other payments like Gift Cards or any other external payment method that requires a number to be added to the WooCommerce order.

Credit Card

The Ingenico Smart Card and Stripe Terminal payment gateway is a bridge between the POS and credit card reader devices to enable the scanning, swiping and taping of physical credit cards using the BizSwoop Android and/or iOS apps for mobile and tablet devices.

Igenico Solutions

The POS is compatible with the Ingenico devices and EMV Payment Gateway with Ingenico device readers.  The supported devices are Moby/8500, Moby/3000, RP457c and G5X.

IMPORTANT: No new customers are being onboarded to Ingenico Payment Gateway, only supporting existing customers.

Stripe Terminal Available in
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Stripe Terminal extends your online presence into the physical world supporting the BBPOS credit card reader device. Manage and connect Stripe BBPOS Chipper 2X BT reader to mobile devices.

Setup Steps for Stripe Terminal

Other Credit Card Readers

We are always evaluating new credit card reader devices. Get your credit card reader device on our list of readers to support.

Submit my reader for Support


Built right into the POS, we support the Stripe payment gateway and Stripe Terminal. The popular Stripe payment processor allows you to take digital credit card payments for orders directly in the POS via Stripe’s API. You must install and activate the WooCommerce Stripe payment gateway plugin. Once activated, the Stripe payment gateway option will be automatically enabled in the POS payment options as a payment tile. 

Credit Card numbers will need to be manually entered into the fields to process payment unless using credit card integration with Stripe Terminal using BBPOS Chipper 2X BT, M2 or WisePad3 device.

Pay by WC

WooCommerce Payment Gateway Bridge

Use the Pay by WC to enable the use of any installed WooCommerce gateway which allows store owners to process credit card, bitcoin or over 100 other payment gateways. Use any WooCommerce supported payment gateway, this includes supported free, paid and pro payment gateway plugins that work on the WooCommerce standard order /checkout page workflow. Enable or disable only the WooCommerce payment gateways you want to display in the POS as an order payment method. users can activate 

Credit Card numbers will need to be manually entered into the fields to process payment

Frequently Asked Questions

No! We believe you work hard to earn sales for your business. We don’t change any additional fees or commissions for payments process by the POS or processed by the Pay by WC, WooCommerce payment bridge.

If you are using Ingenico or Stripe credit card readers, yes! If you are using another credit card reader device, no. Why? The quick answer. The challenge for credit card readers, we need to integrate the SDK for the payment process to support their reader. As a result, we add support for credit card readers on a case by case basis and depending on demand from our customers needs. Get your credit card reader device on our list of readers to support, submit here for review.

You are using a payment mobile app, external credit card reader device or chip and pin reader device. Here’s how it works. On the POS, the cashier will select all the products the Customer wants to buy. Once the order is ready for checkout. Click Pay. At the payment options. Click “Other Payments” (This can be renamed to customize for the business). Now after clicking Other Payments. You will see an Order ID number was generated for the order. The Cashier will now go to the payment mobile app, external credit card reader or chip and ping for payment. Manually type in the price amount of the order from the POS view. For example, type to charge: $25.00 and in the notes add the Order ID from the POS. The Customer can use that reader to insert their credit card. The payment will be processed by that device (Not the POS). Once it’s done processing, most mobile payment apps, external credit card readers or chip and pin readers provide a transaction ID or payment ID of the payment being successful. After the payment is done, take that transaction ID or payment ID and manually type it into the POS. Click Pay. The order is now processed in the POS. The order data will include the transaction ID or payment ID from the payment to perform reporting if required in the future by the business owner. The POS will only be used to create orders and determine the price to use on the the payment mobile app, external credit card reader  or chip and pin reader to process for payment.

Yes. Easily take payments from the payment processor of your choice! Using the payment bridge, you can use one of the thousands of payment gateways supported on WooCommerce.

Yes. Using the Pay by WC, WooCommerce Payment Bridge, we support PayPal. Customers can use the QR code workflow to process a PayPal payment directly on their device.

Unfortunately, the POS doesn’t support split payments functionality. The POS is built on top of WooCommerce core functionality. Any features and functionality in WooCommerce, we can develop parity with the POS plugin app. Right now, WooCommerce doesn’t support native functionality for splitting payments. As a result, our POS doesn’t offer this functionality. If or when WooCommerce adds split payments functionality, we will definitely add the support. This is a popular request from our community of users, we’ve also asked our users to raise the feature request with WooCommerce on their GitHub page here:, the more users requesting the support the higher the likelihood the feature will be added. Sorry we can’t offer this support now, but hopefully we can in the future.

No. At this time, a data connection is needed to process any payments types for orders placed in the POS. We currently don’t support an offline mode.