Estimated Setup Time: Less than 5 Minutes. 5 Easy Steps.

Jovvie cloud – Quick Start Setup Guide

Difficulty Level = EASY

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STEP 1: Create BizSwoop Single Sign-on Account (Free)

To access Jovvie, you need a BizSwoop Single Sign-on Account. No credit card or payment information is required sign-up.

Sign-up for BizSwoop Account
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After registering, an activation email will be sent to the registered email address.
Clicking on the link activates the account. After account activation, login to account.

*Remember to check Spam folder for activation email from

Welcome To The POS Cloud Dashboard

*BizSwoop Account Sign-in Required

POS Cloud Dashboard
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The POS Cloud Dashboard provides access info like number of orders, connected stations and connected websites. 

STEP 2: Connect Your WordPress Website With Jovvie Cloud

Create Application (Site Connection)

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Create Name and Insert WordPress Website URL

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Include the full URL with https:// to establish a secure connection between your site and the cloud.

Download & Activate Plugin On Your WordPress Website

Step 1: Download the Latest POS Plugin for WooCommerce

Don’t Worry. It’s a Free download!


Step 2: Login to WordPress Admin Dashboard

Step 3: Click Plugins Menu Option

Step 4: Click Add New

Step 5: Click Upload Plugin

Step 6: Click Choose File, Select the Downloaded Print Manager for WooCommerce Plugin ZIP File

Step 7: Click Install Now

Step 8: Click Activate

After WordPress Plugin Activation – Click Authorize 

Click Approve Read/Write Access

Clicking ‘Approve’ allows the POS Cloud to connect with your website. The POS Cloud will need access to the WooCommerce API to read and write orders created in the Cloud for your website.

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POS Cloud Now Authorized

Now you can start using the POS with your WordPress Website

STEP 3: Start Using Jovvie – Load POS From WordPress or Cloud Dashboard

Option #1 – Access the POS directly from WordPress

Click POS > Stations. Select the Station to View
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Option #2 – Access the POS from your Cloud Dashboard

Click POS Stations. Select the website you authorized and click on a POS Station

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Important: If you receive the User Assignments Error message, as shown here:

Assign Users: To resolve the error. Go to WordPress Admin, Click POS > Settings > Users. From the managers option, drop down and select the user logged into the Point of Sale cloud account

NOTE: Unlock Unlimited Users by upgrading to the Plus plan or higher

Yay! The POS is ready to use. You can now process orders.

All your products, customers, cashiers, managers and WooCommerce store settings with be imported and synchronized automatically. No additional steps are needed.

Happy Selling.

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